What was Almas Locales created for?

Learn the history of Almas Locales
How it all started

In the hustle and bustle of today's travel scene, Almas Locales emerged as a peaceful retreat for those seeking a different kind of adventure. Many of us are tired of the usual touristy chaos, with crowded streets and popular spots losing their charm. Almas Locales was created precisely for those moments when you want to escape and find solace in nature.

Almas Locales breaks away from the ordinary. It's not just a place to book a stay; it's a collection of unique stories. Each accommodation comes with its own tale, hosted by individuals dedicated to preserving local traditions. It's about more than just a bed; it's an invitation to become part of a community.

More than just a booking site, we want to create a community. A group of people who love to travel slowly, appreciating the journey as much as the destination. It's for those who understand that the best moments happen when you take your time.

And for the dog lovers out there, Almas Locales understands the joy of traveling with your furry friends. It's not always easy finding places that welcome pets with open arms, but Almas Locales has you covered. Sometimes, the best travel companions have wagging tails. That's why,  you will easily identify pet-friendly places.

If you've been caught up in the whirlwind of a hectic work life, like we were, and now yearn for a simpler, slower pace, Almas Locales is your ticket to a different kind of travel. It's a way to return to simplicity, away from the rush and noise, to places where time moves a bit slower.

So, what is Almas Locales? It's a friendly hand reaching out to those tired of the usual travel scene. It's an invitation to explore places that aren't on everyone's radar, to meet hosts who treat you like family, and to create memories that go beyond the typical tourist experience. In the world of Almas Locales, every journey is a chance to find peace, connect with nature, and discover the joy of traveling slowly.

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