Catalunya, España

   We accept pets 
   We love pets, and they are more than welcome at L'Era.


  You will prepare meals yourself
  There is a fully equipped kitchen that you can use to prepare your favorite meals.

Today, we're offering you a ride in a time machine. No, we’re not kidding—time travel isn’t just for the movies and books. You can experience it right here in Arbúcies. Our journey takes us back as far as 1390. Can you imagine? That's when the first records of L'Era appeared. But it must be much older, as a nearby chapel dates back to the 8th century.

L'Era has evolved over time, preserving its history and original design. Today, it’s a haven for slow travel enthusiasts. This beautiful house, surrounded by the Montseny Natural Park, has a soul that speaks to anyone who steps through its doors. It’s a place not just to travel to, but to truly disconnect and reconnect with yourself.

We’re pretty sure Bruno Mars must have found his inspiration for "I Think I Wanna Marry You" right here. There’s just no other explanation. The charm, the history, the tranquility—it all makes you fall in love instantly.

So, if you're looking to get married or simply want an authentic rural experience, this is your place.


House rules:

  • Minimum stay in August: 2 nights
  • Check-in: from 1.30PM till 8PM
  • Check-out: Till 11AM
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What will I eat?

You will have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal where you can create delicious meals. There is also a cute terrace where you can enjoy your meals surrounded by nature and tranquility.

To make the most of your time here, it’s best to do your grocery shopping before you arrive. Stock up on your favorite snacks and meals so you can dive straight into exploring the area and enjoying the nature around you without worrying about where your next meal is coming from.

If you love cooking with fresh, local ingredients, you’re in luck. There are a few places nearby where you can buy local veggies, bread and meat. It’s a wonderful way to connect with the region and enjoy truly fresh food.

Not in the mood to cook? No problem! There are several restaurants nearby that are definitely worth trying.

Will I be bored?

Definitely not. There is something to do for everyone and during all seasons.
Mas Can Ferrer offers plenty of activities to keep you entertained and relaxed, whatever you feel like.

Mas Can Ferrer is located in a very privileged place, surrounded by Les Agudes, one of the highest mountains of Montseny Natural Park, and Matagalls. These views just invite you to immerse yourself in nature and tranquility while drinking coffee, reading a book, or simply listening to the sounds of the wild. The scenery is perfect for those moments when you want to escape the hustle and bustle of daily life and find a peaceful retreat.

If the weather is not on your side for exploring the area, don't worry! You can light up the fireplace in the L'Era house, get cozy, and spend some quality time with your travel companions. Be honest, how often do you get the chance to just do nothing? This is your perfect opportunity to relax, enjoy meaningful conversations, play board games, or even start that novel you've been meaning to read. Whether you're inside or out, Mas Can Ferrer offers a delightful balance of relaxation and adventure.

Do you feel like exploring? We've got you!


  • Selva Aventura - A fantastic family activity awaits you there. It features various playful circuits high up in the trees. For adventure seekers, this is the perfect spot to ascend and descend rope ladders, traverse hanging bridges, navigate aerial pathways, swing on large lianas, zip line, and explore many other thrilling options.
  • Horse riding - In the town of Arbúcies, you will find Cavall Aventura, where you can experience horse riding through the beautiful Montseny Natural Park.
  • Mas Joan - A must-visit for nature lovers. The arboretum was started in 1960s. Joan Masferrer planted native firs from Montseny and Pinsapo. Years later, a natural hybridization occurred between these two species, giving rise to a new species known as the MAS JUAN fir. Today, they are said to be the strongest firs in Europe. The visit consist of short walks through the forests of Mas Joan lasting approximately 30 to 45 minutes.

Walking routes and sightseeing:

  • Green route - easy 6km long loop route through cork oaks and holm oaks forest, starting at Mas Can Ferret. Great walk to do with friends and family.
  • Red route - 8km loop route, starting at Mas Can Ferret. Seems like the proximity of 2 routes would make them very similar, but differences in views and nature will surprise you.
  • Sant Pere Despla chapel - Located within the gardens of Mas Can Ferrer, it is a must-visit. Inside you will find the original pre-Romanesque paintings, with a history of over a thousand years. They were uncovered during a restoration carried out by Josep Dalmau in 1983. The paintings that were successfully rescued are those on the south face, as those on the north face were badly damaged due to humidity.
  • El Castell de Montsoriu - Castle established in the 13th century by Bernat Desclot, described as "one of the most beautiful and noble in the world," a visit to Montsoriu today allows us to evoke life in one of the great castles of the medieval era. 
    Stunning views definitely worth 45 minutes drives from Mas Can Ferrer.

Is there anything for the kids?

Absolutely! At Can Mas Ferrer, children have plenty of space to roam and explore like adventurous souls on a mission. They can chase birds, observe wildlife, and wander through the endless trails of Montseny Park. This environment encourages their curiosity and imagination.

If it rains, bring along favorite toys and games to ensure they can still enjoy quality time indoors at L'Era house.

How will I arrive?

By car: Mas Can Ferrer can be easily reached by car. 

Is it possible to work online?

There is a WiFi at L'Era and other areas of Mas Can Ferrer, so if you are planning a workation this is your place! 

About The Host


Mas Can Ferrer has been a cherished part of our family since 1390, passed down from parents to kids like a treasured heirloom. It's a true honor to uphold such a rich piece of history and ensure it continues to bring joy to many.

Not too long ago, Mas Can Ferrer and our family were deeply rooted in the wood industry. However, as time passed, we decided on a change. It wasn't a simple decision, considering the extensive renovations needed for the buildings. It became a true family endeavor—everyone pitched in to make it happen.

Year by year, we tackled renovations, one building at a time, until we transformed the estate into a breathtaking place where many now choose to celebrate their love.

About us:

  • We speak: Spanish, Catalan and English
  • We live in Mas Can Ferrer, but we give you your space and privacy
  • We respect the natural area that surrounds us and educate everyone to do the same

Special charms of our house:

  • We preserve authentic pieces of the house.
  • We organize weddings.
  • We used original materials to renovate the house.
  • There are hiking routes next to the house, so there's no need to drive.

As rated on:

Awesome place. Tony and family were super kind

We have had two wonderful days. A beautiful, peaceful place with spectacular views and excellent treatment from the owners; they have been very kind and approachable.

We went with our dogs and loved everything! Its surroundings are beautiful, right in the heart of Montseny. It has very nice views where you can see a sunrise/sunset.

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