La Casita De Albino

Castilla-La Mancha, España

   We accept pets
   Pets are welcome in La Casita De Albino. We accept up to 4 pets. Let us know how many pets are traveling with you.


  You will be preparing meals yourself
  There is a fully equipped kitchen that you will be able to use to prepare your favorite meals. There are also restaurants and bars within walking distance.

La Casita De Albino is not just a rural house. La Casita de Albino is history and an experience.

It all started in the 19th century with the host's great-grandfather. His family owned a small workshop near the village where they produced floor and roof tiles, as well as wall bricks. They were the ones supplying construction materials to the citizens of Castillo de Bayuela. That's also how La Casita De Albino was created.

For 200 years, La Casita De Albino served as a tailor shop and home to local families. However, over time, it deteriorated significantly until Soraya and Miguel took care of it.

La Casita De Albino is the result of a lot of work and excitement. It was renovated using original materials to ensure that it preserves its 200 years of history. It's a mix of original stones and baked clay bricks to ensure that it maintains its essence and soul. It's a tribute to its ancestors.

La Casita De Albino is purity, nature, peace and harmony.


House rules:

• Check-in: Starts at 3PM
• Check-out: Up to 12 noon
• No parties allowed
• Maximum 4 pets per house

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What will I eat?

You will have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal so you can prepare all your favorite meals. Hosts are real cuisine lovers and they always share products that come from their garden, small farm and vineyard. 
If you don't feel like cooking there are restaurants and bars nearby.

Local recommendations:

  • Cárnicas Pulido - typical, local butcher shops where you'll find quality products 
  • Panadería Esteban - if you feel like having something sweet, in that bakery, you will find the best products!
  • La Posada de Bayuela - restaurants with exceptional homemade food, only 20m from the house 

Will I be bored?

Definitely not. There is something to do for everyone and during all seasons.
During the summer, you can grab a deck-chair and relax in the backyard or immerse in local culture, exploring Sierra de San Vicente. 
If the weather does not allow going to for a long walk, light up the fireplace and get cozy with a glass of wine produced locally. 

- Puente de los Molinos - medieval bridge arching over the river (2km)
- Walking routes around El Real de San Vicente (5km)
- Senda Viriato, San Román de los Montes (8.5km)
- Embalse de Cazelegas - take a walk by the reservoir (21km)
- Embalse del arroyo Marrupejo - take a walk by the reservoir (27km)
Culture and Villages:
- Verracos - Emblematic statues of Castillo de Bayuela village (160m) 
- San Andrés Apóstol church (350m)
- Ruins of Bayuela Castle (3.5km)
- San Román de los Montes village (7km)
- Almendral de la Cañada - village full of historical monuments (19km) 
- Buenaventura - village with buildings from 17th and 18th centuries (38km)

Is there anything for the kids?

Kids will have a lot of fun in Castillo de Bayuela village! Within walking distance from the house, there are outdoor playgrounds where they play with other children and make new friends. 

If you want to go spend fun and quality time with your family:

  • There is a local pool in the village
  • 15km from La Casita De Albino, in the village Cazalegas you will find a reservoir where you can rent kayaks

How will I arrive?

By carThe most convenient way to arrive is by car. There is parking available on the street close by the house.

Is it possible to work online?

There is a fast WiFi at La Casita De Albino, so if you are planning a workation this is your place!

About The Host
Soraya and Miguel

Soraya and Miguel

We are Soraya and Miguel, and we live here in Castillo de Bayuela with our dogs Hodor and Arya. We are neurodivergent individuals (for those who are not familiar with the concept, we have ADHD, ASD, and giftedness), which has made us feel "different" or "weird" throughout our lives. We are fighting every day for our dreams and to understand that happiness is not what is imposed on us by beliefs, but that happiness is different for each of us, and embarking on the journey to find it is more than just imagination; it's struggle, it's debate, it's doubt, and also fear.

Fight for your dreams, even if they are difficult, even if there are obstacles along the way... We are doing it, our dream is to live here, surrounded by nature and in the company of our animals.

About us:

  • We speak: Spanish
  • We live nearby
  • We use ecological products, from km0 and from our own farm
  • We collaborate with neighbors and local communities

Encantos especiales de nuestra casa:

  • House with 200 years of history, renovated with great care to preserve the original structure and materials
  • We collect antique pieces and toys that you can see at home
  • In the center of a small village
  • You'll be able to walk to the river


As rated on:

La Casita De Albino is super cozy, the wood stove warms the walls with more than 200 years of age...

Beautiful house that has been carefully designed in every detail and in the furniture style down to the last. 100% recommended

Soraya and Miguel have fully transmitted the heritage of their family. It's in a super quiet place and you feel like staying 24/7 in the kitchen talking with the fireplace on a rainy day.