Molí del Plomall

Cataluña, España

   We accept pets
   2 pets per house. Make sure your pets get along with other animals as there are dogs, cats and horses living next door.


  You will be preparing meals yourself
  There is a fully equipped kitchen that you will be able to use to prepare your favorite meals.

Sound of the river, breathtaking views and peace, this is how we can shortly describe Molí del Plomall. If you are looking for a place to disconnect in the heart of the nature, you found the right place to do so. Located in the Catalan Pyrenees in Boixols Valley, you will find an unique house with 200 years of history, that actually used to be a flour mill. You can still admire it, as it's one of the few mills left, in perfect conditions. The old mill has been restored with care, preserving it's authenticity and converted into a home for slow travelers. If you listen carefully, you will hear the wind whispering the history of Molí del Plomall.

Surrounded by river, waterfall, natural pools, forest and medieval buildings, this is the place where you will be able to truly relax and reconnect with the nature. Introverts traveling with a group? There are plenty of hidden corners, so if you feel like being on your own for a while, Molí del Plomall got you covered!

We do not have an air-conditioning but during summer house preserves a nice breeze, making sure you will sleep well. During the winter, it can get chilly - grab a blanket, light up the fireplace and get cozy.

There is more, Molí del Plomall is eco-friendly! The running water comes from forest springs, and everything operates with solar and hydraulic energy. So? Are you ready for your next slow travel?


House rules:

• Minimum stay: 2 nights
• During July and August, there is a minimum stay of 7 nights (from Saturday to Saturday)
• For weekend bookings, check-in is on Friday and check-out on Sunday
• Check-in time: Starting at 4PM
• Check-out time: Up to 12 noon

For special days/bank holidays (2024), we require dates as per below:

• Eastern: from 29.03 to 01.04 
• San Juan: from 21.06 to 24.06
• Puente del Pilar: from 05.10 to 13.10
• Puente de todos los Santos: from 01.11 to 03.11
• Puente de la Purísima: from 06.12 to 08.12
• Christmas: from 23.12 to 26.12
• New Years Eve: from 30.12 to 02.01

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What will I eat?

You will have a fully equipped kitchen at your disposal. You can enjoy your meals indoors or outdoors.
We recommend doing your shopping before you arrive, as the nearest store is a 30-45 minute drive away.
However, you can find excellent local products at:
IsonaThere are 2 butcher shops: Xolís de Pallars and Carns Monsó. You will also find a bakery there.
Tremp: You will find there the here:

  • La Masovera (craft beer store),
  • Gourmet Pallars (cured meats, cheeses, wines and local products),
  • El Rebost del Pallars (local products),
  • Botiga Amà (local crafts - soaps, clothes and many more),
  • La Fornera (bread, organic products and km0).

Pobla de Segur:  (1 hour by car from Molí del Plomall): Carns Bastús Carnisseria - a very good butcher shop that only sells local meat and prepares all the typical sausages.

Coll de Nargó: 

  • Roch (next to the Cal Tahussá restaurant) - best to buy fresh bread 
  • Forn Reig - if you fancy something sweet (they even make their own chocolate!)

We also have a small garden, so in case there is any left over, we will be happy to share it. This depends on the season and of course the rain :)

Will I be bored?

Definitely not. There is something to do for everyone.
We have some books available in our house that you can read in one of the many hidden corners there. You can also simply enjoy the hammock or a swing, listening to the birds and the wind.
For those who are more adventurous, there are many hiking routes. We also organize horseback riding excursions and water activities during the season.

Places 30 minutes from Molí del Plomall:
- Village Abella de la Conca (19km)
- Museo de Isona - Parque Cretácico (17km)
- Santuari de Carànima (5km)
- Castell de Llordà (25km)

Places 1 hour from Molí del Plomall:
- Sierra de Boumor (21km)
- Castell de Mur (53km)
- Estany de Montcortès (make sure to stop at La Pobleta de Bellveí) (65km)
- Pantà de Sant Antoni (43km)
- Congost de Collegats (55km)
- Salàs de Pallars (43km)
- Vall Fosca (70km)
Places more than 1 hour from Molí del Plomall:
- Port del Compte (77km)
- Andorra (75km)
- Parc National d'Aigüestortes (112km)
- Estany de Sant Maurici (116km)
- Estany de les Obagues de Ratera (116km)
- Estany Gran d'Amitges (116km)
- Congost de Mont-rebei (66km)
- Sierra del Montsec (67km)
- Ermita de la Mare de Déu de la Pertusa (74km)
- Telefèric de la Vall Fosca (84km)

Is there anything for the kids?

The little ones will be able to enjoy plenty of space to run and play. We also have children's books and board games in the house.

How will I arrive?

By carMolí del Plomall is located in a quite remote place, so we recommend coming by car.

Is it possible to work online?

Since we only depend on one internet source (GSM coverage is weak), we offer WiFi only in case you need to work remotely and/or in case of an emergency. We only provide it for one device, for more, there is an additional charge of 5 euros.

About The Host


This corner of the world is my home. Its imposing and beautiful mountains, the sound of the river. The trees dancing with the wind, the joy and all the creatures that accompany this place are my happiness, my peace, my adventure, my reality. It's about growing every day, learning from what surrounds me, those explosions of colors, landscapes, and melodies. It's life, it's so much love, unconditional love, love to move forward, to build, to grow, and to be. Living here, you appreciate the little things, the magically hidden corners that nature offers you. She speaks to you, listens to you, teaches you, nourishes you. With constant love and respect. And then there are they (companions, family, mentors) who, once again, teach me that love is nature's most powerful force. When it guides us, heals us from within, makes us better. Here in my home, at Molí del Plomall, surrounded by life, by greens, by waters, by mountains, I feel grateful, alive, and happy.

About us:

  • We speak: Spanish, Catalan and English
  • We live next door, but we give you your space and privacy
  • We use renewable energy
  • We collaborate with neighbors and local communities

Special Charms of Our Home:

  • House with 200 years of history
  • We preserve one of the few authentic flour mills remaining in the area
  • Original fireplace that can be lit
  • No television
  • Weak GSM coverage
  • No air conditioning
  • Hammock over the river